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Hot Drinks

Everyone loves a good cuppa! We offer a range of hot drinks which include - coffeeteahot chocolate, and more (including decaf options). Who doesn't love a biscuit when they have a cup of tea, our favourite biscuits at the office are McVitie's Family Circle

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Cadburys Chocolate Break 2kg Each 612581
Cadbury Autocup Drinking Chocolate (Pack of 25) A04256
Clipper Organic Fairtrade Hot Chocolate 1kg A06793
Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Tin 1kg A01950
Cadbury Highlights Instant Drinking Chocolate Sachet 11g (Pack of 30) A03334
Cadbury Instant Hot Chocolate Sachets 28g (Pack of 50) 915654
Tassimo Cadbury Hot Chocolate 240g Capsules (5 Packs of 8) 4031638
Nestle Aero Hot Drinking Chocolate 1kg 12164122
Nestle Aero Hot Drinking Chocolate 24g (Pack of 40) 12203209
Nescafe & Go Aero Hot Chocolate (Pack of 8) 12495384
Twinings Options Belgian Hot Chocolate 825g W551240
Options Belgian Hot Chocolate Sachets (Pack of 100) W550029
Total 12 products