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De-Icing Equipment

Our range of de-icing Equipment comes in many different forms - sprays and ice melts, salt spreaders and winter kits. The range we have to offer are suitable for a home or office environment. 

For larger areas such as driveways or for a small business, our winter kits include the relevant equipment to ensure that all aspects of the harsh cold weather is covered. 

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De-Icer Trigger Spray 750ml 800-272-0013
De-Icer Trigger Spray 750ml M7 T75
White Magic Ice Melt 18.75kg Dispenser Tub (Melts ice and snow fast) 320407
Magic Ice Melt De-Icer Crystals 10kg Bag 357456
Winter Driveway Kit 385074
Winter Small Business Kit 385076
Fd Winter Ice Melt Tub 18.75kg Melts Ice and Snow Fast 320407
Red 350lb ATV Salt Spreader 160 Litre 386125
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